Paisley Power

The paisley pattern has been around for more than 2000 years and is characterized by colorful, curved abstracts figures that represent fruits and vegetables.  The term is sometimes even called "Persian Pickles" or "Welsh Pears". In Pakistan, it is called "Carrey" which means "mango seed" in the Urdu language.  It personally reminds me a twisted teardrop or even a kidney-shaped amoeba that we learned about in science class as kids.

The paisley name itself was actually named after the textile-producing town of Paisley, Scotland where the design became widely popular on women's shawls manufactured there.   But the pattern in fact has origins in India and even parts of the Middle East as early as 300 AD.  It is believed the paisley design has been used in royal and religious garments and decorations back in the historic day.  So it isn't the hippies of the sixties that can get the noted credit after all, although they did expand the popularity of the design from royal and religious to modern and hip.

And paisley continues to be a prevailing design choice today from everything like clothing to home decor. Here are my favorite paisley pieces for the bedroom:

Laura Ashley Bristol Paisley Flannel Sheets

Steve Madden Morgan

Nautica Palmetto Bay Pillow

Peace out paisley lovers!

Kim Pehle