Don't Leave Home With Out Them

I just got back from vacationing in Napa /Sonoma and San Francisco (had a fantastic time) and we moved around a bit, three Hotels to be exact.  Two were fantastic and one not so much. I didn’t sleep very well because of poor quality sheets: the hotel towels were not the best quality either.

Do you travel with your own sheets and pillowcases? I found many blogs and travel sites that talk about that very thing – Yes many people do travel with sheets and pillowcases.

I will bring a pillowcase now and again with me when I am traveling, but I am thinking of packing the sheets next time as well.

Here are some of my favorites I will be traveling with:


L'erba Ivory Sheet Sets

Traveling with your own towels is a little bit more challenging because of space and traveling with wet towels in my suitcase but I am going to start to pack my own wash cloths and extra plastic baggies – My personal favorites are the City Scene towels found here.


City Scene Supreme Towels

I would love to hear if you travel with your own sheets or pillowcases, I am a big fan of that now and will hopefully sleep better when I am on the road.

Have a great Labor Day Holiday!

Kim Pehle