Valentines Room Preperation

Perhaps rather than redecorating your entire room to celebrate holidays, you may be interested in adding just a few red accents here and there for Valentine's Day. Throw pillows, sheets, or even candles can help you get in the mood for romance!

red sheets are some of my favorites. Not only are the cozy, but they add a pop of color to a room:

This is an overall set, but the red and pink throw pillows listed at the bottom of the page would be a perfect small addition if you want to celebrate the holiday without breaking the bank:

If you already have all the bedding an pillows you need, adding a red throw to the bottom of your bed can give you a splash of red:

If nothing else, adding a red candle or scented diffuser can not only bring some color into your room, but also make it smell delicious!

Let us know how you're preparing your room for Valentine's Day!

Have a great week.

-Kim Pehle