The Gallery- Color Purple

Purple has always been my favorite color. From purple toys to purple bicycles, childhood fully embraces all shades of this playful color. As adults, we can still enjoy the color purple.

Made up of equal amounts of both red and blue, purple embodies the balance of red's stimulation and blue's calm. Its physical affects on the body include the power to calm the mind and nerves, offer a sense of spirituality and encourage creativity.

These bedding options are a great way to bring purple into your home:

Manor Hill Riena Bed in a Bag:

Reina means queen in Spanish. This soft, royal combination of lilac and mushroom provides a relaxing look for any bedroom.

Vera Wang Violet Bedding Collection:

Rich plum and violet tones combine with luxurious textures in Vera Wang's Violets bedding collection. In 100% percale cotton, these pieces are pure luxury.

City Scene Raindance Wisteria Duvet and Comforter Sets:

This playful design works any time of year and features an allover wisteria and white print on 100% cotton.

With spring right around the corner it's a great time to bring home your passion for purple — the color fit for kings and queens!


Kim Pehle