The Extra Touch of Towels

Last week I talked about creating the perfect guest room when family and friends arrive to your home.

Quality towels are one of the musts for creating that spa-like feel for your guests. But it’s not just which towels you choose, it also can be about how you display those towels. Where do you put them for your guests to use? Do you leave them in the guest room, on the bathroom counter or store them folded in the linen closet?

I usually set out a stack of towels in the guest room or sometimes I will leave a set of towels on the bed before our guests arrive. But I’ve never done anything special to display the towels – until now.  I found this great video on how to fold your towels like many hotels do. It’s a simple step that will make your guests feel even more special.

I learned a few new tricks from the video, which I plan to put to use in my guest bedroom and bathroom.   

If you need additional towels to have fun folding with, check out our Perry Ellis six-piece towel set.

Have fun folding!

Take Care - Kim Pehle