50 Shades of Grey Bedding

Have any of you read this hot new book series called “50 Shades of Grey” yet?  I say “hot” because this independent book series by a woman named EL James is burning up the sales charts. It’s even a New York Times Bestseller! But there’s another reason it’s so hot; it also has a steamy storyline.

I guess you could say that grey is the new red. It may not look as fiery, but colors are all about emotions! Forget dull and dreary; we’re talking hot passion in one cool color. Now I haven’t actually counted yet, but I’m pretty sure we have more than 50 shades of grey on our own site. I started browsing our products and found some wonderful patterns to help you spice up your bedroom with various shades (and patterns) of grey!

Each of these sets shows off a different grey shade. And each shade gives off a different feeling too. Whichever one you choose, it will certainly help put you in the mood to read. Especially when it’s a book you can’t wait to dive into like “50 Shades of Grey.”

This Vera Wang Love Knots collection couldn’t be more perfect for curling up in bed with the saucy novel! Besides the soothing grey tones, there’s an intertwined diamond pattern, symbolizing two lives in an ever-growing relationship.

I just love this Tommy Hilfiger Hudson Valley set. There’s such a great mix of elegant colors including charcoal grey and light grey. Doesn’t it just make your bed the centerpiece of your bedroom?

Then there’s L’erba’s Platinum Zen collection. The combination of colors and and patterns instantly calm me down. Stressful day at work? Just head into your bedroom and feel the peace overwhelm you. Yes, this set can definitely lull you to sleep. Just don’t expect it to tuck you in too! Drifting off while reading another chapter is almost a guarantee you’ll have some pretty sweet dreams.

Bold and beautiful is what I think of when I see this Tree Top collection from City Scene. The large graphic just screams nature, but the gray color helps tone it all down. It’s almost like you have a wildly passionate animal hidden behind a calm and reassuring exterior.

I hope you enjoyed our greys.

Have a great week!