Rock of Ages Brings The 80's Back in Style

Broadway Musicals are just so much fun. There is the singing and the dancing, and of course the amazing scenery. More than movies, musicals really can take you out of reality and pull you in with a good story. I just love forgetting about everything and falling right into an imaginary world.

Sometimes they even take a musical and make a movie out of it. Like they did with the hilarious Hairspray. This Friday sees another popular Broadway show turned into a movie. I am talking about
Rock of Ages.

This looks like a total blast. It is set in the big hair decade known as the 1980s and features popular songs from that decade's biggest bands like Journey, Foreigner, Def Leppard, Poison, REO Speedwagon, and even Twisted Sister. Remember "We're Not Gonna Take It"?  It looks like a basic love story of a good girl who heads to the big city where she meets a nice guy who gets thrown into the bad boy rock and roll lifestyle.

Oh, and it has such a great looking cast too including Tom Cruise who plays the shirtless heavy metal rocker Stacee Jaxx. Plus there's Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. There's even a lot of famous musicians making guest stars too like Mary J. Blige and Debbie Gibson. Go watch the
trailer and you will see what I mean!

How can you not want to see this movie? Everything about the '80s is just fun. I love the hair and the cheesy music. It's so much fun to make fun of but also just plain fun to sing and dance along to. This movie really looks like it's going to be one big hilarious music video.

I should probably break out some old CDs from the '80s or even watch some popular films from the time like Risky Business and Back to the Future to get into the right frame of mind. Maybe I'll dig up some leg warmers and my jean jacket to wear to the movies too! LOL. Oh, and the hairspray. Don't forget the bottles and bottles of hairspray!

The '80s were definitely loud and definitely had their own style. So I have dug through the BeddingStyle inventory to find some powerful bedding sets that could compete with the decade. Here's a few that just "scream" out to me. Better put your ear plugs in before taking a look:

Tommy Hilfgier Hilfiger Prep Red:

Tommy Hilfiger Bear Mountain:

Steve Madden Mariah:

Rock on and have a great rest of the week!

Kim Pehle