Summer Olympics Inspire Trends

With the 2012 Summer Olympics currently taking place in London, the world is buzzing with everything British, from the food to the design flare. House Beautiful even went so far as to create London's "2012 Design Olympics" Shopping Guide where they dubbed London’s design as “eclectic, eccentric, trendy, chic, stylish, vintage, and contemporary.”

So while some news reporters are raving about Great Britain’s Shepherd’s Pie, other news anchors are hitting the streets of London showcasing the abundance of home design stores. What happened to broadcasters covering the actual Olympics sporting events?  I personally like to watch the swimming, soccer and cycling competitions.

Anyway, I found the perfect bedding set that not only fits the English bill of “chic, stylish, vintage and contemporary”, but it is also in the patriotic USA colors of red, white and blue:


Tommy Hilfiger Vintage Plaid

Now you can show your support for Team USA while still being trendy!

Kim Pehle