New Year Bedding Resolutions 2014

One day before New Year's Eve I noticed my neighbor arriving home with a new mattress tied to the top of her minivan. The sight filled me with happiness. I believe the new matteress is a sign of her moving on emotionally from a recent breakup with her long-time boyfriend.

Driving around town and on the highway in the days before the New Year, I noticed several vehicles carrying new mattresses. I couldn't help but think about how a new mattress, bed and bedding symbolize a fresh start.

The bed is a sacred space that needs to be cleansed and renewed in order to create a karmically clean place for everything new — be it a new partner or a new purpose in one's life. Our bed is, after all, the place where we lay down with the day's drama, as no one wants last year's dramas hanging around!

What better way to wake up refreshed to start a new year, than with a new place to rest and refresh? A new
bedding set can be the most economical way to go, as it includes all of the pieces you need.

To start the New Year, I always treat myself to new bedding. Obviously it isn't financially feasible to buy a new mattress or bed frame every year, but sultry sheets, comforting pillowcases, cuddly comforters and exciting throw pillows, and of course the pillow you sleep on, are all easily and affordable replaced. A new
sheet set is the perfect place to start!

Need an excuse to treat your self to a fresh new look and feel? Pay it forward! Donate used bedding to animal shelters. Thrift shops won't take personal pillows, but many may accept gently-used sheets and comforters. The advantage of donating these items is twofold – giving to a good cause and you can ask for a "charitable donation receipt" for the dollar amount of your donation. A handy and humanitarian way to get a tax-deduction just in time for tax season! Or, move some of your older bedding to a guest room or use it to add a new touch to an old bed or sleeper sofa.

As 2014 gets into full-swing people throughout my neighborhood have resolved to let the day slip away into sweet dreams and new beginnings.

What's your New Year bedding resolution?


Kim Pehle