Madagascar 3 Brings Out The Wild Side

I just love the summer! I get to spend so much time outdoors in the sun, enjoying the flowers and fresh air. It is like being fully awake after a seriously long winter snooze! You also have to love having a summer house. Whether it is down by the shore or maybe a cabin near a lake, your home away from home just helps you really take in the whole outdoors. Plus, I just wrote all about decorating your summer home last week so be sure to see my recommendations!

When the weather is bad and it is raining cats and dogs in the summer, though, the best thing in the world to do is hit the movies. (And don't forget the popcorn!) Everyone knows the biggest and best movies always come out in the summer. Hollywood realizes that that's when everyone spends the most amount of money so they make sure to put out big-budget blockbusters in June, July and August.

I'm a little embarrassed to admit this but I am so excited for this weekend's movies. I just cannot wait to see Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted. It looks so funny! I loved the last two films and this one keeps cracking me up everytime I see the commercial with the zebra and everyone else wearing a polka dot afro wig! LOL!

Yes it is a cartoon but it has some incredible celebrities doing all of the voices. There is Ben Stiller, Chris Rock and David Schwimmer as the main returning cast. But there's also those clever spy-like penguins who are just too hilarious! Apparently they all end up somewhere in Europe and try to make their way back home, only they somehow end up in some crazy European circus. I expect a lot of funny jokes to go along with some great music and silly dancing. Be sure to watch the
trailer here!

I plan on renting the DVDs for the first two Madagascar movies before seeing the third one. That way I will be totally prepared. I am sure the theater will be packed with kids too but this is one of those kids movies that even grown ups will love. Maybe I should also get myself some bedding from the Tommy Bahama set below to really get me in the mood!

Tommy Bahama Arthurs Town:

Have a great rest of the week!

Kim Pehle