What Is The Life Span Of Your Pillow?

This weekend I had to replace the pillows on our bed and that got me thinking, what is the life span of a pillow and how often should you change them, or should I wash my pillow? I think it had been more than three years since I had replaced our pillows.

According to the experts, you should replace your pillows every one to three years. I was also surprised to learn how much your pillow can affect your sleep and spine. 


Most experts also recommend purchasing new pillows versus washing old pillows.  Shop For New Pillows Here!

My friends are always asking me about the care of comforters and duvets. Here are my suggestions for these items:

  • Always check the manufacturer’s care label for the recommended proper care of your bedding
  • Duvets: These are the easiest to take care of. Simple remove the duvet cover from the duvet insert and launder according to the instructions. Most are machine washable with a tumble dry at low temperature
  • Comforters: You need to pay close attention to the care instructions for these items – I have found out the hard way and ruined many comforters in my days
  • If the item says machine wash – it will usually say to wash in a commercial type washer or very large washer if you launder your comforter in a washer that is not oversized, you run the risk of the fill bunching or of the comforter get caught in the agitator
  • I always dry clean our comforters now – even if they say they are machine washable- they never come back bunched up
  • Drying your comforter: if you use a dryer and it is not an oversized dryer, the comforter has a great likelihood of getting burned and will bunch up
  • You need to check on it quite often, take out to re-fluff and put back in
  • Experts also say placing three tennis balls in the dryer will help distribute the stuffing in the comforter and help to prevent the bunching

I hope these tips help you in making that special bedding last for years to come!

Have a great week

Kim Pehle