Is Facebook a Fad?

A number of years ago, I never even heard of Facebook. But then out of nowhere the site just exploded. And for good reason. It really is a lot of fun.

It's so easy to keep up with your friends and family no matter where they live or what time they are online. I feel like I don't even need to attend any of my High School Reunions since everyone is already on Facebook! LOL.

Well, the last few weeks have really been big for Facebook. First the company finally went public on the stock market. That's a really big deal. And second, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg got married to Priscilla Chan. If you look on Mark's facebook timeline, his
wedding picture currently has over 1.5 million likes on it!

I still love Facebook. But apparently the stock isn't doing that well which makes a lot of people wonder if Facebook is going downhill. Before Facebook, there was a site called MySpace, and that is all everyone talked about. It was crazy with so many different colors, huge colored fonts, and enormous pictures. It really was a total mess! Then Facebook came along with a very simple design and before too long MySpace was no longer "It."

So I wonder if we are sitting on a turning point for Facebook. Is Facebook's popularity fading? There are so many changes they push out regularly on to their users. But now that they are a public company, I can just imagine the shareholders putting lots of pressure on the programmers to push out even more changes. And maybe even more advertising on the site. Do you think they'll even start charging members just for using Facebook? That would really be awful.

I'm real curious to see what happens to Facebook. I am sure we are in for a lot more changes both big and small. But since I am in a Facebook mood, I thought it would be fun to browse our site for Facebook-themed sheets. I don't think we have any with the Facebook logo on them (though I bet the Zuckerberg newlyweds have a set!), but we do have a lot with a nice blue style just like Facebook.

Tommy Hilfiger Mariners Cove:

Nautica Knots Bay:

Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Stripe:

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Kim Pehle