Holiday Guest Preparation

As the Holidays approach, many of us are preparing our homes to house guests as they come to visit.

Although it's a little too early to start cooking and cleaning, you can still being to prepare. Now is a great time to begin thinking of ways to make your visitors especially cozy and comfortable during their stay.

The number one way to make sure a guest has a pleasant time in your home is to make sure they have a comfortable place to sleep. If you have a guest room and can provide the extra space, excellent bedding materials can make the difference between a good night's sleep and a grouchy guest!  Check out some of our
most popular comforter sets.

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Always place clean, fresh sheets on the bed the day of the arrival of your guest. Avoid using the family's leftover bedding from years past, but make an effort to use quality materials. Even if the guest is sleeping on an air mattress, futon or a pull out couch, soft sheets, enough blankets and a quality comforter can make all the difference in their level of comfort!  Shop Sheets.

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A great way to do this is to use our
bed in a bag styles. If you already have a comforter and pillows, you may want to just find cozy sheets. Some of my favorites as a guest, especially during the winter months are our flannel sheets.

Here are a few other tips:
Providing soap, shampoo, lotion, Kleenex and fluffy towels in the bathroom can make guests feel more welcome and at home.

If you're able, clear out closet space in the guest room or nearby. It is very helpful to guests to have a place to hang their items that require it.

If your house is particularly full or noisy, you may want to provide a fan or another source of white noise so your guest can have peace and quiet during their time in your home.

Whether you are looking forward to this time with joy or dread, these tips will make the visit a little smoother for everyone!


Kim Pehle