Helping Out

With the devastation in NJ and NY last week from Hurricane Sandy, and with another storm coming to those areas, I wanted to dedicate this blog to helping out wherever we can.

At, we are donating blankets to the affected areas in need and I was thinking, what more can be done?

If you are purchasing new bedding from or have recently made a purchase, what are you doing with the bedding that you are replacing? If it is in really good condition, I would reach out to or and see if you can donate your slightly used comforters and blankets to those in need.

When I change out my bedding patterns, I usually have comforters and blankets that I am not using anymore taking up room and end up giving away to my local charities here at home. Not anymore, I will be sending them to Hurricane Sandy victims in need.

So if you were thinking of purchasing some new bedding or blankets, this is the week you should do it, we are offering 20% off your entire purchase along with free shipping until Nov. 13th

Stay safe if you are in the Northeast and best of luck in weathering this next storm.

Take care

Kim Pehle