Bedroom Headboard


I’m looking for your ideas! I’ve been inspired to re-do a headboard in one of my guest rooms and I’d like to hear your ideas.  Probably like many of you, I read my share of Do it Yourself blogs and articles online and in magazines.  My research has inspired me to re-do a bedroom headboard.

There are so many great ideas for headboards, including some that I would never have thought of.  Here are a couple of my favorites:

This one is from Tommy Hilfiger. It’s simple and different.  It’s just a gold frame up against a painted navy wall – how easy it that!

Or how about this one from Tommy Bahama, created by draping fabric.  Your eye is drawn up and focuses on the draping rather than the plain headboard behind it. It’s an easy to create elegant look.

This one from takes a lot more effort but creates a unified look. The headboard is covered with the same fabric as the bedding. 

So here is the headboard I’m looking to change. Ordinarily I might paint it or replace it but after looking at all the things you can do with a headboard, I am rethinking my options.

If you have a great idea, please let me know and stay tuned to see what I end up doing

Have a great week