Green With Envy

Happy New Year Beddingstyle friends!

If you don't want to be green with envy in 2013, and want to stay ahead of trends, I'd suggest you starting looking for Emeralds or at least items in the Emerald Green color.

It was announced that the
2013 color of the year is Emerald Green.

I have always been a huge fan of green -- especially in the form of Emerald Green jewelry.

The bright color looks so majestic and just stands out as unique and attention-worthy.

But you don't need to spend thousands of dollars on Emeralds to remain fashion-forward. There are so many options to add the color to your life and home, including some of the terrific options in our bedding collections. Here are a few of my favorites:

City Scene Tokyo Leaf:

Tommy Hilfiger Meadow Floral Sheet Set:

L'erba Shadow Branch:

I'm so happy to see this color grabbing the attention this year.  Last year's hot color was Tangerine Tango and while that's also an attention grabbing look, the options and appeal of an Emerald Green are so much stronger, especially in the apparel and textile world.

Have fun spending some green on the hot color this year.

Have a great weekend!

Kim Pehle