Everything you need to know about euro shams


Question is: What is a European Sham and why do I need one?

You know those gorgeous looking bedding ensembles you see in furniture stores and decorator magazines? The secret is using layers of pillows! The European Sham is the pillow covering for a large square pillow that typically measures 26x26. This is the first layer against the headboard, then you arrange your Standard/Queen shams (20x26) or King size shams (20x36). In front of that you place your smaller accent pillows.

This layering effect with different sizes and shapes and patterns is how to design a luxurious, inviting bedding ensemble!

You would generally use 3 European Shams for a King bed, 2 for a Full or Queen bed, and one for a Twin. 

A European sham is also called a Euro sham. They typically have a flange for a grander look. Flange is the few inches of fabric that extends beyond the pillow sham on the outer edges.

Do you sleep with the European pillows left on the bed? This is up to your comfort preference, but in Europe it is customary to keep them on the bed while you sleep.



Kim Pehle