Elle Decor The Tommy Hilfiger Way


Each month I am eagerly waiting for my new magazines to come in the mail – all my fashion and home décor magazines especially. A couple of weeks ago I propped myself on the couch with my stack of the August editions and started going through them all. When I got to my Elle Décor and paging through, I got to an article called "Collective Effort" on page 132 and let out a little "oh my gosh".

I started reading this article about a "world traveling Tommy Hilfiger executive" named Trent Wisehart- Trent and I started at Tommy Hilfiger together a very long time ago and have remained very good friends and still work together on all of our Tommy Hilfiger home shops. The magazine featured Trent and his beautiful home in South Orange, New Jersey and a four year renovation project to this home built in 1896.

This article takes you through each room and talks about many treasures Trent has picked up along the way in all of his worldly travels. I loved seeing all of things he has picked up in Paris flea markets and estate sales and how he incorporated them in a way that reminds me of how we used to set up stores together and merchandise them in a way only Trent knew how to do.

I was very excited and proud to see Trent featured in this great magazine. He has an eye for style that I admire greatly.

I hope you enjoy the article as well and can see the "
Hilfiger" influences in the bedrooms that are very iconic to the brand.

Have a great week

Kim Pehle