Spa Time any Time

I am trying to be more healthy in the New Year and make more time to take care of myself, inside and out.

It has become even more difficult when I travel for my job.  Staying in hotels; eating out for every meal, the list goes on.

When is there time to fit in some "me time?"

I think I have found the answer for finding some spa time, without leaving my home or hotel room.

We have just launched a new product on our bedding style site: "Dream Time"

Here is a short description about Dream Time from the brand:

DreamTime, Inc. has designed products that remind and encourage us to relax, nurture and take care of ourselves. Through the daily chaos of our busy lives, many of us have forgotten how essential personal relaxation time is. It is essential to take time each day to clear and quiet the conscious mind, to allow our bodies to find relief and balance, and be true to ourselves. DreamTime products assist in helping the body and mind rejuvenate; encouraging both physical and emotional wellbeing.


A few of my favorites that I will use at home and also throw in my suitcase when I travel include:

DreamTime Sleep Masks:

DreamTime Foot Cozys:

DreamTime Classic Pillow:

Taking time to pamper yourself whether at home or on the road is important. Our addition of Dream Time just made that a little easier. So stop making excuses and start working toward more quality "me time."

Have a great and relaxing weekend!

Kim Pehle