Daybeds 101

Daybeds have increased in popularity over recent years, but they are definitely not a new invention. The history of daybeds dates way back to ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek times, where royalty such as Louis XIV and Cleopatra used daybeds for sleeping and lounging. Throughout the ages, daybeds have been referred to as fainting couches, rest beds and chaise loungers.

What exactly is a daybed? Normally a daybed is designed to accommodate a standard twin size mattress (39 inches x 75 inches), and the frame consists of three pieces: one back panel and two side panels. The back panel is most often meant to be placed against a wall in the room giving a sofa appearance. Daybeds are usually made of wood or metal, but can be made of any material.

Some daybeds include a "trundle" which is basically another twin sized mattress bed stored under the daybed, either disguised as drawers or covered by a bed skirt. The trundle may even have a pop-up option that allows the bed to convert to a full sized king bed when erected for more sleeping capacity.

Check out all the varieties and types of daybeds on Pinterest. You do follow BeddingStyle on Pinterest already, right? Here's my favorite one so far:

Stone Cottage Fresno Daybed

Daybeds continue to evolve, and I predict they will remain a popular furniture option well into the future.

Kim Pehle