From Concept to Bedroom

Ever wonder how designs come to be from a designer? What the inspiration is behind a pattern?

We just launched two new patterns form Vera Wang – Crinkle Plaid and Shibori and I thought you might enjoy a behind the scenes look into the making of these two patterns. Here are the two new patterns, which you can fine online at

Crinkle Plaid:


Here are the Inspiration boards when these patterns were in the early stages of design:

Crinkle Plaid - Inspiration for the pattern - Both iconic and on-trend, Crinkle Plaid combines a striking charcoal and white top of bed pattern with Vera's attention to detail, for a vivid study in contrasts.

(Notice the ribbon detail in the Euro Shams on the completed bed)

Shibori  is a Japanese dyeing method that creates a pattern by binding, stitching, folding, twisting, compressing or capping  a piece of the fabric.  In the old days, the main dye was indigo.
Inspiration for the pattern-A whimsical blending of printed pattern and refined embroidery, Shibori is a crisp and modern take on a timeless blue and white color palette.

During the design process, our designers and the Vera Wang licensing manager’s work on pulling the fabrics together to represent  what will be the top of bed, the sheets and all of the decorative components, such as the Euro Shams and decorative pillows.

It is a lengthy process to put together a collection but as you can see from the finished beds – it is well worth the time and effort.

I hope this was informative on what happens behind the scenes in putting together a bedding collection

Have a great week

Kim Pehle