Fight Fatigue With Color Therapy


Not only are shades of orange (not to be confused with Shades of Grey) a huge trending color right now, but orange is also proven to be a therapeutic hue as well! Recently on The Today Show, Katie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb spoke to the Editor-in-Chief of Prevention Magazine, Diane Salvatore and Dr. Melinda Jampolis, author of the books “The Calendar Diet” and “Tired of Being Tired? Energizing Tricks to Fight Fatique.”

The ladies discussed several energizing tricks, one of which involves color therapy. So what exactly is color therapy, you ask? Well, basically it is how the brain reacts to bright colors and is even used holistically by some therapists to treat certain ailments.  Although all the colors of the rainbow are known to have different healing powers, the gals highly recommended the color orange.

The color orange boosts adrenaline in your brain, so they suggested that you should incorporate some orange into your daily routine to be more alert and productive.  Examples they gave were keeping an orange stapler on your desk or wearing an orange ring on your finger.  They revealed that even eating brightly colored fruits and vegetables, like oranges and carrots, help fight fatigue.

Well, I’m going to go one step further and suggest adding the color orange to the bedroom! Who wouldn’t be energized waking up to this orange, purple and green funky retro paisley pattern?

Steve Madden Madelyn Duvet Set

Or what about starting your day making your bed with this orange, red or gold vibrant and contemporary pattern? This pattern makes me smile just looking at it!

City Scene Retro Radar Camel Red

I say there’s no use waiting to get to work to start incorporating your color therapy as some need motivation before they head out the door! I also recommend adding a splash of orange to the bathroom to catch your eye while getting ready in the morning. Any of the candles or fragrances from Laura Ashley’s Mandarin Orange collection would be perfect.

Laura Ashley Candle Mandarin Orange

Here’s wishing you an orange-filled week of productivity!

Kim Pehle