Collge Bound

Last week I shared some of my favorite patterns for the college-bound girl.  For this week’s blog I thought I would help the guys who are heading off to college with some tips on the items that they need to make sure they bring, as well as sharing a few of my favorite bedding patterns that may be more appropriate for a guy’s door room.

I recently found this college check list online. The list is a great reminder of the items you’ll need, especially for bedding and bath. 

Campus Bound Checklist

Small appliances:
•    Alarm clock
•    Fan
•    Desk lamp
•    Floor lamp
•    Phone, cell phone or phone card
•    Stereo or radio
•    Television(optional)
•    Refrigerator; can purchase or rent there
•    Hand vacuum
•    Coffee pot if allowed(optional)
•    Microwave if allowed(optional)

•    Extra long twin sheets; 2 sets
•    Extra long twin mattress pad
•    Bath towels; 2
•    Hand towels; 2
•    Wash cloths; 2
•    Pillow
•    Pillow cases; 2
•    Blankets; 2

For the laundry:
•    Laundry hamper – collapsible or a bag
•    Laundry basket
•    Laundry detergent
•    Laundry dyer sheets
•    Change

Other needs:
•    Hangers; multi pants and skirt hangers work well in a dorm closet
•    Extension cords
•    Removable poster adhesive
•    Under the bed storage container
•    Trash can and bags; small
•    Throw rugs(optional)
•    Dishes; bowl, plate, utensils, mug
•    Can opener
•    Cutting knife and board
•    Dish soap and sponge
•    Glass cleaner
•    All purpose cleaner
•    Paper towels
•    Deodorizing spray

Whether you are looking for the right patterns for yourself or someone else, here are few of the new styles we just added. These are sure to add some color and fun to a guy’s dorm room.

Tommy Hilfiger Grayson Campus Kit:

Nautica Chatham Quilt:

Tommy Hilfiger Hilfiger Prep Red:

Don’t forget the towels:

City Scene 800 Gram Towel Sets:

Have a great rest of the week

Kim Pehle