A part of making your house a home is the scents that greet you when you enter. Studies have shown that using different scents can awaken your senses or help you relax, comfort or invigorate.

Our candles are here to help you create the scent environment you want for your home.

My personal favorite is the lavender line. The scent of lavender is said to help you relax. I love the smell of lavender when I enter my bedroom and when I lay down to sleep, or when relaxing in a hot bath.
I use both the Laura Ashley Fresh Lavender Fragrance Diffuser:


And the Laura Ashley Fresh Lavender Gift Boxed Candle:


Occasionally I'll change this during the summer to our Mandrin Orange scents, to give me that extra pep during the early mornings.

What are your favorite scents to have in your bedroom and home? Does it change throughout the year? Do you find it affecting your mood? If you haven't tried it, now is time to try!

Hope you're enjoying your week!


Kim Pehle