Behind The Scenes With Marimekko

I had the pleasure of traveling in Dallas Tuesday with the Senior Director of Wholesale for Marimekko North America.  She was telling me so many things about Marimekko that I did not know. I thought I would share a few of the fun facts with you.

For example – in 2008, Manolo Blahnick made an Exclusive Limited Edition shoe in the Uniko Red poppy pattern – These are fantastic!

Carrie Bradshaw was pictured wearing a Marimekko bikini and later a dress in Sex and the City. Loved that show!

The Uniko poppy pattern is Marimekko's most famous design; it was designed by Majja Isola in 1964.

Did you know that Jaqueline Kennedy wore a Marimekko dress on the front cover of
Sports Illustrated  in 1960? I had no idea. This was one of my favorite fun facts of the day.

To learn more about the history of the Marimekko brand and see the famous design in bedding,
click here.

I hope you liked some of the fun facts I shared on the Marimekko brand and the famous design Unikko.

Take care!


Kim Pehle