Behind The Scenes- Vera Wang Fall 2013


While I'm very excited for the upcoming 2014 spring fashion shows in New York City, there's still time to think about fall .  Our new Vera Wang 2013 fall patterns have just hit our site.

Our first pattern,
Gossamer Floral bedding collection combines a cool and classic indigo palette with a lush pattern on supple sateen to create an inviting bedroom for all seasons.


I found this photo of one of my favorite actresses from one of my favorite shows, Scandal, wearing a Vera Wang gown from this spring Met Gala in New York; the pattern is a great inspiration for our Gossamer Floral bedding collection.

Our second pattern, Vera Wang's Violets bedding collection, showcases the rich plum and violet tones combined with luxurious textures that Violets achieves the effortlessly layered look that has become the designer's signature.

The design is a similar look that to what was showcased in the Vera Wang Fall 2013 runway collection.


So even though many of us in the fashion and textile world are turning our attention to spring 2014, don't let that stop you from enjoying the hot patterns for this fall.


Kim Pehle