Behind The Scenes- Simple Ways To Change Your Style

I just watched a video from Nate Berkus, one of my favorite designers, where he transforms a bedroom in the city to reflect more of a beach feel with five simple changes. That is one reason why Nate is my one of my favorites. He can go from the simple changes to the major transformations and everything in between.

Here's a link to his video

My favorite change is what Nate did with the rug. Cool and simple! Nate also re-iterates how pillows are important and how they can change the look of a room.

Here is one of our white beds with pillow ideas to re- create the look in the video.

A lot of people I talk to think that if the pillows go with the bed, that is what they are to buy, not true. Whatever you like and want to carry through to the bedroom, it can be as simple as changing out your pillows, move some lamps around and add a rug…even if it is on your headboard( I love that idea).

Have a great week,

Kim Pehle