Behind The Scenes- Most Asked Questions

In keeping with my promise to share some of most commonly asked questions, here is my second most frequently asked question I hear from customers: "What is the difference between a comforter and a Duvet/Comforter cover?"

The official definition for a comforter is:  A decorative covering for a bed that is quilted.

The official definition for a duvet is: A decorative cover used for protection of down or poly filled comforter.

I like having both a comforter and a duvet and use a duvet in my master bedroom because it is easier to clean. With a duvet you simply take the cover off and wash and tumble dry, according to the instructions on the label. I highly recommend a duvet if you have pets that sleep with you – we have two dogs that sleep with us so easy care of the duvet is important.

In my guest bedrooms I use comforters on the beds. These are rooms that are not used as often and I like to dress them up with the elegance of a quilted comforter.

In most of our brands, we offer patterned comforters and duvets so we typically can accommodate your preference.

Here are a few of our new comforters and duvets that we just added to our site.

Tommy Hilfiger Princeton Paisley:


Tommy Hilfiger Oaks Bluffs:

So if you are a comforter or a duvet person or both, we can help you find the perfect top of bed to fit all of your needs.

Have a great week

Kim Pehle