Behind The Scenes- Most Asked Questions 2

In keeping with my promise to share some of most commonly asked questions, here is another of the most frequently asked question I hear from customers: "What is the difference between a sham and a Euro sham, and do I always need a Euro sham?"

The official definition for a standard sham is: 

A decorative covering for a pillow on a bed with a decorative flange. A sham can coordinate back directly to the comforter or duvet if sold together or can be a compliment to the bedding you have. The size for a standard sham is 20x26.

The official definition for a European sham is:

A 26 inch square pillow with a decorative cover and usually sits up against the headboard of your bed.

I like having both standard and Euro shams on my bed. It is a personal preference as I like a lot of pillows on my beds.

The customary rule for making a bed is to have two standard shams and two Euros for a full- or queen-size bed and two king shams and three Euro shams on a king-size bed.

Here are a few examples of our new patterns in standard and Euro shams.

In our Candice Olson
Soul Mates pattern:

You can see we show both the Euro and standard shams – the Euro's coordinate back to one of the decorative pillows while the standards shams coordinate back to the top of the bed

In our new Marimekko design, Kranssi, we are showing the standards shams that are a direct coordinate back to the duvet.

Whether you like a lot of pillows or having a clean, streamlined look to your beds, just know there are many options out there for any bedding style.

Have a great week,

Kim Pehle