Behind The Scenes- Marimekko

If you're a regular reader of Kim's Korner, you know I like to write about the crossover between fashion and home design. Here's the latest example that I just love because it pairs two iconic brands and looks.

Converse shoes is debuting its new line of Marimekko patterns for Fall 2013. Below are a few examples that go straight back to our bedding patterns.  The Converse Marimekko Collection features signature prints created by influential Marimekko designers and applied to Converse's favorite canvases.

Our Ajo sheets features a straight forward narrow stripe in black and white.  These sheets are 100% cotton with a 250 thread count, combined with superior construction, which makes them extremely soft.

The Iconic
Unikko pattern in pink by Marimekko features a large scale modern floral print.  Floral blooms engulf the entire comforter with splashes of pink, red, orange and yellow.

These looks from Converse and Marimekko are sure to brighten up your room and take your decor to a new high. So kick your new style into gear and happy shopping.

Have a great week

Kim Pehle