Bedding for the B---- in Apartment 23

Roommates can be really tough to live with. And I don't mean the kind you are married to. I mean when you are first making it on your own and you share an apartment with someone because you can't afford the rent by yourself. Even if you go in with a friend, all that time together could cause a lot of tension.

It can also be great though. Roommates can give you fresh ideas about things, give you a shoulder to cry in and someone to share your dinner with. There have been a lot of popular TV shows about roommates over the years but I don't remember ever seeing one as... bold as ABC's new comedy Don't Trust The B---- in Apt. 23.

Here's the basic plot: June is a beautiful, innocent Midwestern girl who makes it to New York City. Her career plans get a little sidetracked and her life gets very colorful when she meets Chloe, a con artist who is friends with James Van Der Beek. Yes, Dawson himself from Dawson's Creek is on the show, playing himself! Well, he is playing James Van Der Beek I mean, not Dawson. LOL.

Chloe has a real evil side to her, always lying, cheating and conning people. So obviously she takes advantage of the small-town girl June. But that is where the fun really begins, because you quickly learn that June may seem innocent but she is actually pretty smart. The two continue to outdo each other over and over and quickly become friends. It is a very funny show, despite the somewhat racy title.

I haven't lived in an apartment in years. But I do remember always looking for new bedding sets every time I did. It's amazing how a simple pattern or color change can either make a room look cramped or really open things up. Just for fun, here are a few bedding styles I would love to buy if I were moving into an apartment.

Nicole Miller Argos Apple

L'erba Meadow Floral

Laura Ashley Alicia

The right sheets and comforters can really make or break your bedroom!

Have a great week,

Kim Pehle