Antiquing the Bedroom

My friend recently gave me a tour of her new house, and I instantly fell in love with the guest bedroom that she coined her antique room.  The room was filled with heirlooms from her family, from a wooden antique basin stand that her great-grandfather built to an antique lantern that used to light up that same grandfather's house.

But what I fell in love with the most of the antique bedding!  The quilt atop the bed was hand-sewn by my friend's grandmother and the pillow cases were embroidered by her great-grandmother. I can only imagine how many hours went into crafting those – a labor of love indeed! 

My friend said the only non-vintage decor item in the room was the bed skirt.  She figured in the olden days, bed skirts weren't used, but she wanted one to be able to store things under the bed and came up with an ingenious idea: She found a while eyelet bed skirt and soaked it in tea in her kitchen sink for a few hours to give it an antique look.  I was in awe.

Upon arriving home, I was wishing I had an antique guest bedroom, but lacking any family heirlooms, where would I start? I decided I could steal my friend's bed skirt idea and look for a timeless-looking quilt to pull off the vintage look.


I think this Laura Ashley Caroline Quilt would bring the antique essence into a bedroom quite nicely.  I could even hang a few old photos of generations past on the wall.  The more I think about it, I may want to sneak into the guest room for a good night’s sleep of yesteryears!

-Kim Pehle