Accessories with Windows

I was with girlfriends at my home last night just getting caught up from their Spring break trips with their families and quickly our conversation turned to window treatments.

I just recently changed and spruced-up the window treatments in my family and dining room after being in the house seven years. Wow, what a difference that made to both of the rooms. It was like wearing an outfit with no or plain accessories, once you add the colorful or glitzy accessories (window treatments) you now have that finished look to bring your outfit together.

I spent a lot of time looking at what to do differently with my window treatments. I looked at styles and trends and according to all that I read, here are a few trends:

•    Attention to details such as unique and creative hardware and finials
•    How different drapes hang-  Puddling replaces floor length drapes
•    Longer looser pleats, more whimsical than structured.
I wanted things that were bold and stand out but also something that connected the room.  Here are shots of the completed drapes. What do you think? 

Dinning Room:

Family Room:

Most bedroom window treatments consist of blinds for privacy. Blinds are functional but can boring unless you accessorize them with window treatments.

We have a number of valances and panels available with our bedding collections on
BeddingStyle.   Here are just a few of what we have:

Laura Ahsley Addison

Laura Ashley Glenmoore

Most people forget about the windows when they are ready to place their bedding order, but window treatments are one more way to add color and personality to any room in your house.

Have a great week,

Kim Pehle