Celebrity Bedding

Wouldn't it be fun to live like a celebrity?  MakeTheList.net showcased 10 Stunning Celebrity Bedrooms that will make us all drool with envy.  I picked a couple of them to share showing how you can recreate the a similar scenario in your bedroom.

First we have the bedroom belonging to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick in their Hampton home:

This contemporary bedroom is almost too much white for myself and hardly anything I would have expected from the gal that plays Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. I personally think it would be hard to keep such a bright white room clean with Sarah Jessica Parker's and Matthew Broderick's twin toddlers running around the house!

You can recreate this same look with simple white walls, white curtains and white bedding, such as the Tommy Bahama Breezeway Palm bedding. Add a couple colorful accent pieces, such as a turquoise lamp or vase, and you'll be well on your way to your new celebrity lifestyle.

Next up we have Cher's Zen-inspired bedroom in Los Angeles:

Cher opted for a 16th century opium bed and furniture inspired by Far East architecture with an ivory bedspread and embellished pillows.

I'm not really digging Cher's furniture choices, but her bedding is simple yet elegant, much like Vera Wang's Sculpted Floral Bedding. Add some hanging lamps and fresh flowers and you'll be singing “I've Got You, Babe” in your sleep!

Stay tuned for more celebrity bedding styles in the coming weeks!

Kim Pehle