Behind The Scenes- Celebrity's Bedroom

This is award season for music and movies and so many of the nominees and winners find themselves all over the internet and on talk shows highlighting the  "hit and misses" on the fashion front.

It got me thinking, some of these celebrities like to make statements on the red carpet in what they wear, but is that how they are at home in their decorating…nope!

Here is a look at the bedrooms of a few celebrity singers-

Sharon and Ozzie Osbourne's: With all the black they wear, this sure is a peaceful place to wind down.

Here is Cher's bedroom in Miami Beach – very calming and Zen like:

Here is one of my favorites – Alan Jackson's Franklin Tennessee bedroom:

And last but not least, Taylor Swift's home that is currently for sale in Nashville:

I enjoyed seeing a different side of these celebrities – away from the spotlights of the red carpet.  From the pictures it appears that they are all very classic and like to decorate in neutral colors – which is my style as well.

If you could have one of these rooms, which one best matches who you are and your style?

More celebrity's bedrooms can be found here


Kim Pehle